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When you need to hire the best.

Professionally-developed employment tests assist in identifying the most talented among your job applicants. Work Skills First's employment tests are developed by industrial psychologists with substantial expertise in employment testing. Employers benefit by receiving applicants' objective, non-biased employment test results in a very timely manner. Applicants benefit by being assessed with professionally developed, standardized personnel selection tests that treat each applicant fairly and in the same manner.

The employment tests are best administered in your place of business under secure conditions so that you know who is taking the test. As needed, the tests can be administered by applicants in an unproctored setting. Under either condition, the completed employment test is immediately scored and the results are e-mailed to your company. Reports typically are received in a few minutes after administration.

We have no setup costs, no software costs, no maintenance costs, no upgrade costs. You pay a low fee per test. See our Products page for more information.

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